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Transformative Education for the Construction Industry

At ABC Central Texas, our commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and development is central to our mission. We offer a comprehensive suite of educational programs tailored to empower individuals and organizations in the construction industry. Designed to cater to various skill levels and professional needs, our offerings aim to equip our community with the knowledge and skills for excellence. From foundational courses to advanced management training, we focus on innovative and effective learning approaches. Our goal is to not only enhance professional capabilities but also to inspire innovation and collaboration within the industry. This dedication underscores our belief in the transformative power of education in driving industry success.

Construction Education Texas
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Safety as a Priority

Safety is paramount in the construction industry, and at ABC Central Texas, we strongly emphasize creating a safe working environment.

Our comprehensive Safety Training programs, including OSHA trainings, CPR classes, Protect Your People monthly presentations, and Construction Site Safety Technician Certification, are aimed at reducing workplace accidents and ensuring that our members go home safely every day. Through our Strategic Partnership with OSHA and the ABC STEP Safety Management Process, we are setting new standards in safety excellence.

Construction Education in Texas
Customized Training and Modern Learning

Tailored Training Pathways

Understanding the diverse needs of our members, ABC Central Texas provides an array of tailored training pathways. Whether you are just starting your career, looking to upgrade your skills, or aiming to master safety and leadership principles, we have a program for you. Our curriculum is carefully designed to ensure that every participant receives the highest quality education, relevant to the ever-evolving construction industry.

Innovative Learning Methods

In our commitment to excellence, we leverage both traditional and innovative learning methods. From in-person classes that offer hands-on experience to flexible online courses designed for the busy professional, our educational programs are accessible to all. Our blended learning approach combines the best of both worlds, ensuring that regardless of your schedule or location, you have the opportunity to learn and grow with us.


ABC Central Texas
Pathway to Journey-Level Certification

ABC offers U.S. Department of Labor-registered apprenticeship programs, fulfilling all federal and state standards for formal training and prevailing wage work. These programs combine employer-sponsored classroom learning with on-the-job training, leading to journey-level recognition and an apprenticeship certificate upon completion.

Craft Training

ABC Central Texas
ABC's NCCER Training Programs

Our NCCER Craft Training and on-site contractor training sponsorship aim to elevate your team's skills and project excellence. Our programs offer essential industry upskilling, preparing your workforce for both current and future challenges, fostering growth and project success.

Management Training

ABC Central Texas
Construction/Project Management Training

Our construction Management/Project Management Training. Tailored for construction professionals, our program offers essential skills in project planning, execution, and risk management to lead projects effectively. Gain expert insights and tools for success in a dynamic industry, and drive your projects with confidence and expertise.

Safety Training

ABC Central Texas
World-class Safety Excellence Training

Through our strategic partnership with OSHA and innovative tools like the ABC STEP Safety Management Process, we offer live and online courses designed to enhance safety performance. Our offerings include regular OSHA classes, Construction Site Safety Technician Certification, and monthly CPR classes, all aimed at preventing workplace hazards and fatalities.

Assessment Testing

ABC Central Texas
NCCER Assessments and Testing

As an NCCER Accredited Assessment Center, ABC Central Texas provides Journey-Level craft certification and Pipeline Operator Qualifications (OQ) Testing, aimed at assessing the skills and knowledge of experienced craft professionals. These evaluations support both employment decisions and the identification of training needs.

Nurturing Growth and Enhancing Professional Journeys

Empowering Future Leaders

The belief that knowledge is the foundation of leadership is at the heart of our education initiative. Through our Leadership Training programs, we aim to impart technical skills and develop the next generation of leaders in the construction industry. Our courses are designed to nurture critical thinking, team management, and strategic decision-making abilities, empowering our members to lead with confidence and integrity.

Continued Support and Resources

Beyond our training programs, ABC Central Texas offers ongoing support and resources to our members. From networking opportunities with industry leaders to access to the latest research and best practices in construction management, we support your professional journey at every step. Our aim is to educate and build a community of skilled, knowledgeable, and safe professionals equipped to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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