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Uniting Industry Leaders for Growth, Education, and Free Enterprise Advocacy

Fostering Growth and Open Competition in the Construction Industry

Commitment to Merit, Free Enterprise, and Industry Excellence

ABC is a non-profit trade association dedicated to the principles of merit shop construction. It is the sole national construction association committed to promoting and defending the free enterprise philosophy. Representing over 23,000 member firms across 68 chapters nationwide, ABC stands as a unifying platform for general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and industry professionals. We champion free and open competition, advocating for contracts to be awarded to the lowest qualified bidder. 

ABC Central Texas, embodying our vision, serves as a dynamic construction force committed to fostering an environment where companies can flourish. Our mission is to protect and advance the Free Enterprise system, representing the interests of merit shop contractors, employees, and businesses in the policy-making process while also providing robust training and education to enhance the construction industry’s image. You are invited to join us in our commitment to creating a quality environment for growth and prosperity in the construction sector.

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“Every man owes a part of his time and money to the business or industry in which he is engaged. No man has a moral right to withhold his support from an organization that is striving to improve conditions within his sphere.”

President Theodore Roosevelt, 1908

ABC Central Texas Membership Benefits
Empowerment Through Unity: The Value of ABC Membership

Transforming Professional Paths with Commitment, Teamwork, and Equality

Reflecting on President Theodore Roosevelt’s wisdom, which highlights the importance of contributing to sectors we are part of, it’s clear why joining ABC holds significant value. His call to action underlines the critical role individuals play in supporting organizations dedicated to industry betterment. At ABC, your involvement goes beyond mere support; it translates into tangible benefits that directly impact your professional landscape.

  • ABC stands as the sole, comprehensive Merit Shop Construction Trade Association.
  • We champion teamwork, ensuring every project is a collaborative success.
  • Equality is paramount, with every member granted an equal voice in shaping our industry’s future.

By aligning with ABC, you’re not just joining an association but investing in a collective mission to strengthen and elevate the construction industry.

Awards & Recognition

ABC offers multiple awards, and recognition programs for our members

Excellence in Construction Awards

The Excellence in Construction awards recognize the innovation and quality of the project team. Projects are judged on quality, safety, innovative construction practices, and degree of difficulty.

Accredited Quality Contractor

The prestigious Accredited Quality Contractor credential publicly recognizes and honors those construction firms that have documented their commitment in five areas of corporate responsibility.

STEP Safety Management System

ABC's STEP Safety Management System gives contractors and suppliers a no-cost, comprehensive tool for measuring safety data and benchmarking against industry peers, enhancing safety practices industry-wide.
Empowering the next generation of leaders

Young Professionals

ABC Central Texas is dedicated to empowering future leaders in the ever-evolving construction industry. Through the Emerging Leaders program, we offer young professionals a platform for growth, combining professional development, community service, and outreach. This initiative is a vibrant community aimed at fostering the talents of ambitious individuals keen on shaping the future of construction.

Advancing Careers and Industry Principles

Aligned with the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) National Young Professional program, our focus is on nurturing young talents within ABC member companies. We provide enriching opportunities for career advancement, networking, and education, all while promoting the core values of open competition and the merit shop philosophy. Join us to be part of a movement that’s setting the pace for industry innovation and leadership excellence.

LOGIC (Ladies Operating for Growth in Construction)

The ABC Central Texas Women’s Peer Group champions the interests of women in the construction industry, focusing on enhancing their visibility and promoting a positive image. This group works to improve opportunities for women and advocates for a more inclusive environment. They aim to inspire women within the industry and attract others from outside the industry, showcasing the benefits and potential of a career in construction.

Emerging Leaders