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At ABC Central Texas, we’re not just building structures but cultivating a community of skilled professionals. Our mission extends beyond construction, focusing on nurturing a workforce adept and agile enough to navigate the industry’s ever-changing landscape. Boasting a robust membership of over 21,000 across 68 chapters, ABC is a pioneering force in the education of craft and management professionals. We embrace innovative learning models, including just-in-time task training, competency-based progression, work-based learning, and government-registered apprenticeships. This comprehensive approach underscores our dedication to fostering a workforce that’s safe and skilled but also exceptionally productive and forward-thinking. Through our concerted efforts, we aim to ensure our members are equipped with the necessary skills and instilled with a deep sense of responsibility toward advancing industry standards and practices.

Workforce Development at ABC Central TExas
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ABC member companies invest an estimated $1.6 billion annually in constructing a workforce that epitomizes safety, skill, and productivity. Our comprehensive education methodologies have established a network offering over 800 apprenticeship, craft, safety, and management education programs. This includes more than 300 U.S. Department of Labor-registered apprenticeship programs across 20 different occupations.

Construction Apprenticeship Programs in TExas
Building Careers in Construction

Apprenticeship Program

The construction industry, as the largest employer in the United States, offers countless career paths for skilled craft professionals. Our Apprenticeship Program is at the forefront of meeting the industry’s demand for a skilled and trained workforce. Participants gain hands-on experience and technical knowledge, setting them on a path to secure and lucrative careers.

Craft Training Program (CTP)

Our Craft Training Program (CTP) is designed to advance and grow your workforce team. Among our offerings is the Electrician Certification Trainee Program (ECTP), which ensures that Electrical Trainees (ETs) are enrolled in state-approved schools and registered with the State as Trainees, allowing them to work on the field. Enrollment is open all year to members and non-members, emphasizing our inclusive approach to workforce development.

Continuing Education

We believe in lifelong learning and continuous improvement. That’s why we offer a range of Journeyman Upgrades, Management, Education, and Safety Training classes accessible to everyone. Whether you prefer in-person learning at one of our training centers or the flexibility of online courses, we have options to suit your needs.

Our curriculum, aligned with NCCER standards and developed by national Subject Matter Experts, offers training options across various trades. As an NCCER Accredited Training Sponsor, we award globally recognized credentials upon completion, certified by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

Crafting Leaders and Skilled Professionals for Tomorrow’s Challenges

Formal Apprenticeships and Management Training

In addition to formal construction apprenticeship programs through the U.S. Department of Labor, we offer management training in partnership with Strategic Business Directs. Customized to leverage employee strengths, our management training programs prepare individuals for leadership roles, ensuring they are ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

At ABC Central Texas, we’re dedicated to training the workforce of tomorrow today. Through our flexible, market-driven programs, we help individuals transform their careers and contribute to building strong communities. Join us in our mission to develop the people who build America.

Construction Safety Training Programs
Hands-On Discovery of Construction Careers

Careers in Construction Day

At ABC Central Texas, we take pride in opening up the world of construction to the next generation through our annual Careers in Construction Day. This special event brings together students from local high schools and immerses them in a day filled with hands-on activities and interactive demonstrations that shine a light on the myriad of career paths within the construction sector.

Partnering with our members, we create an engaging and informative experience that not only educates but also inspires students about the possibilities that await in construction. From learning the basics of building and design to exploring advanced technological tools that are revolutionizing the industry, participants get a comprehensive look at what it means to build America.

Through Careers in Construction Day, ABC Central Texas is committed to nurturing a skilled, knowledgeable, and passionate workforce ready to meet the demands of the future. We invite students to join us in this dynamic and fulfilling field, where their ambitions can pave the way for a prosperous career in building the America of tomorrow.

2024 Careers in Construction
November 20, 2024